Our Background


The manufacturer A-Star Bag Design & Marketing Co., Ltd. in Taiwan is an enterprise that has a 20 years history.
It has been an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for a number of well-known listed companies in Taiwan and overseas manufacturing backpacks for NOTEBOOK for many years. Of late, it has also become an OEM for Japanese children’s schoolbags and thus laid its strong foundation in bag manufacturing and aesthetic designing.

In 2000, the company officially launched its own brand “UNME” with the objectives of designing and manufacturing quality schoolbags while promoting back-protecting schoolbags based on “Human Engineering” so that comfortable and handy schoolbags are made available to growing children.

Currently, “UNME” is not only one of the most sought after schoolbags in Taiwan, but also the only patented schoolbag with a “Pull Handle”, resulting in its rapid expansion in the sector.
We brought in the “UNME” schoolbags because of its “No. 1 Brand” status in the sector in Taiwan. It is not only aesthetically designed both externally and internally as well as practical but more importantly, its company A-Star Bag Design & Marketing Co.,Ltd. is professional and fully committed to the business which has been franchised to agents in many countries.

“UNME”, a universal brand for school bags, always has its new product on sale simultaneously in international markets such as U.S.A., Hong Kong and Japan despite its manufacturer being in Taiwan. This means the “UNME” schoolbags on sale in Malaysia are available in these countries too.

UNME Enterprise is proud to be awarded the sole distributorship for Malaysia and Singapore by the manufacturer in Taiwan, making the healthy and useful schoolbags available to parents in the region.
In fact, many parents have been attracted by the exquisite designs and practicality of the schoolbags carried by other children going to school, looking relaxed and happy.